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“The best is yet to come” is the view of 3-dimensional, mixed-media artist Tom Abbott. Tom looks at ordinary (and sometimes not so ordinary) objects and wonders, “what can I create with this?” Using various media such as fabric, paint, PVC pipe, string, paper, Plexiglas, Styrofoam and more, he gives these seemingly ordinary objects life in a new dimension, the dimension of artistic creativity.

Through exploration and experimentation, Tom has developed a style that is uniquely his: abstract 3-dimensional tactile pieces have become his trademark. Geometrical shapes and the combination of different textures and media dominate his work. The textures range from ripped, rough, frayed-edge canvass to the smooth sensuous feel of poured paint. Tom has developed a method of pouring specially formulated paint on glass, then lifting the dry paint and applying it to a piece. With this, he creates unique dripping and running effects.

Though normally gravitating to bright and traditional colors, his use of an occasional non-conforming color adds a surprisingly delightful play to the canvases and his “creations,” as he fondly calls them. “How do you think up these things,” he’s been asked. His answer: “They just exist in my head and I’m compelled to create them from what I see in my mind. It’s not a plan, it’s just a part of me that has to come out, and it does so on canvas.”

One day, Tom was approached by a man who asked if his wife could touch his work. She was blind. Upon touching the undulating surfaces, the woman smiled with enjoyment, being able to “see” the marvel of his work with her fingers.

Tom’s work does not have any great philosophical or political motivation. Rather, it is only meant to be fun to look at and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Besides adorning his home and several other public venues and studios, Tom’s works are in public and private collections throughout the world.